This part of the website is dedicated solely to awesome people from different parts of the interwebs. I reccomend checking out the stuff they have worked on, or just striking up a conversation. they are all incredibly friendly and great people in general. This list will expand with time, and if you know someone you think deserves to be on this list, make sure to tell me!


Hacker Fantastic

Hacker fantastic is a security conscious hacker that works on pretty much everything. He produces a ton of stuff for seemingly limitless applications, whilst also somehow having time to take part in the community. Also ponies.

Sleepy bit rot

A radio nerd that dabbles in server stuff and other things. An all round nice person with magnaflorious hair.

Lesley Carhart

Waffles are better.


Professional malware analyst by day, professional potato by night. SudoSev is good at what he does (authough he won't admit it) and is a great place to start if you want to learn how to help keep the world malware-clean.


Da is the internets infosec mentor, always happy to help you out with whatever you are trying to do, no matter what it is. Massive xcom fanboy and professional furry convention finder.


The bestest cephalopod on the internet.


Glytch Tech

A 3D printing, drone flying, solar powered maker with one purpose. AYY.

Game Developers

Sophie Holden

Sophie is an avid Game dev and community member, hosting game jams and building games at an inhuman rate. Her games are definitely worth a play, and most play about with interesting mechanics or designs.



Learn how to break, fix, pick, or improve locks.